What Is A Mood Board And Why Is It Important To Your Brand?

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Building a brand doesn’t happen overnight. Target market research, data analysis, internal interviews and much more go into the brand creation process. Beyond the hard facts and figures, though, is another brand-building tool: the mood board. A mood board is a collection of designs, images, shapes, symbols and colors that represent your brand. A mood board will typically stem from brand messaging or a unique value proposition, and from there, it will likely evolve into a style guide, giving the brand a foundation to build from when creating new marketing materials, services and more. Having a mood board for your brand ensures all marketing and promotional materials are consistent and portray the same message.


Here are three more reasons to invest in a brand mood board:


Collaboration becomes easier.

A mood board allows for the brand’s design principles to be clearly laid out, making it easy for anyone on the team to build materials consistent with the overall brand.


Time is saved.

A mood board helps to build a library of approved images, patterns and fonts, saving time on managing opinions and approvals down the line. Instead of spending time debating over the type of look of a certain print ad should have, the mood board helps guide the process, getting your message to market faster.

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A strong visual framework is built.

When your brand’s look and feel is clearly communicated across your team, it makes any decision that affects your brand’s image a no brainer.  You can rely on the mood board for inspiration and guidance.


The development of a mood board is an integral part of the brand-building process.  Do the work up front and save on time, money and frustration in future marketing endeavors.


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