How to Use Social Media to Market Your Senior Living Community

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Social media provides senior living communities the opportunity to boost brand awareness and increase referrals. Social media has spread across cultures and generations, providing the ultimate foundation to build awareness of your senior living community and increase occupancies.

Conversations about senior living communities are being held on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs, review websites, and a variety of other social media platforms.

The number of seniors using social media continues to rise, as they look for ways to connect with family and friends. It’s important to know that they are also using social media to gather information, feedback, advice and more. Social media platforms have become a reliable source of information, making the utilization of social media by your senior living community all the more important for bringing referrals to your business and residents to your homes.

Potential residents and their families are likely to go online in search of reviews, ratings, and information about a specific senior living community before they schedule an appointment to tour your facility. Your opportunity to grab those leads and reel them in begins before you even meet them.

To capture as many of these leads as possible, you must have more than just a positive online reputation. Your profiles need to be updated consistently. There needs to be a constant flux of information that positions your senior living community’s team as the experts in the industry. Personal and emotional journeys of your residents and their family members should be shared, so that potential residents and their families can begin to feel that emotional connection to your home, and even further, begin to envision being a part of your community in the future. Updates about the amenities, services, and technology offered at your senior living community are also important. Ultimately, you want potential residents and their family members to get a full, 360-degree view of what life at your home(s) is like.

Imagine there is a funnel on top of your senior living community, that is filtering prospective residents and their families through the senior living consideration cycle, drawing them to your front door.

The top of the funnel is the awareness portion of the cycle. These are brand new sets of eyes on your community, people just hearing your name or learning about you for the very first time. The middle section of the funnel is the nurture portion. These people are already aware of your community and brand but do not have an immediate need for your services. We want to keep your community top-of-mind for these people, so that when senior living services are needed, they think of you. The bottom section of the funnel is the intent portion of the cycle. These are prospective residents and their families who are intentional about finding a community right now.

We want to cast a wide net to get as many people as possible into the funnel, with the intention of continuing to build your brand awareness, educate them about your home, and ultimately drive new leads to your community.

Social media tactics can be used for all three sections of the funnel, constantly working together to build your brand awareness and drive new leads to your front door. The name of the game is keeping your community top-of-mind for prospective residents and their families, so that when they are ready, there is no question about which community they will choose.