Spread the Love!

Social media is a cost-effective marketing tool for increasing brand awareness and engaging with one’s target audience. When used correctly, social media can be a powerful tool for driving visitors to your website. To help increase web traffic to your website through social media, follow the 5 steps below:

1. Make sure your website URL is visible.
On every social network, there should be a place for you to share your website address. Make sure this is visible in your profile’s bio and “about” section. This will not only help to establish your organization as authentic and credible, it will also make it extremely easy for people to learn more.
2. Share your content.
If you have a blog page for your organization, make sure you are sharing new blogs across all social media channels. You can even go a step further and track where your website traffic is coming from to determine which posts are performing best and which aren’t doing the job. Get granular on the content you are putting out, too. Before starting a blog ask these two questions: 1. Does the content answer questions the target audience might have? 2. Is the content engaging and helpful to the target audience? If yes, proceed. If not, reconsider the topic.
3. Refer people to your site.
If there are questions which are frequently asked on social media, start replying with links to your website. For example, if someone asks for your hours, direct them to your contact page. If someone asks about the services you offer, refer them to your services pages and so on. You should be able to link back to your website for almost any question asked.
4. Optimize your profile.
Just like you would optimize your website, it is important to optimize your social media pages too. Ensure your “about” sections and biographies are full of relevant keywords. Make sure each section is filled out so your profile is complete.
5. Use photos.
It is easy for people to aimlessly scroll through social media and miss content that might be of value to them. One way to prevent this is by using visual content to grab the reader’s attention. In fact, according to TextRequest, visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of posts.

Social media is a great way to spread brand awareness. It can also give your website a major boost in traffic. Get started today with even just one of these tips and you’ll be on your way to increased web traffic. If you still need help driving traffic to your website, contact Bloom. We have helped senior living organizations across the nation increase web visitors and move-ins!