Social Media: Your Community’s Sounding Board

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Social media is a growing trend that has no plan of diminishing or even leveling off. The number of social media users continues to grow, and more people than ever before are turning to social media to help them make decisions about which products or services to use, and that includes which senior living communities to select for their loved ones.

It is imperative to harness the power of your community’s social media profiles. Growing and engaging with your social media following will allow your community to stay top-of-mind for potential resident families and referrers in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

Ideally, your community’s social media profiles should be used as the community’s sounding board: a safe, reliable, trustworthy and communicative place for resident families, potential resident families, referrers, and any other key players in your industry to get to know your community, get their questions answered, learn about the services you offer and more.

While creating your social media sounding board, and evolving it over time, it is important to keep the following things in mind:

  • First impressions do matter. You have 30 seconds to win someone over when they land on your profile. What does the overall feel of your page say about your community? Think about the pictures you upload, the reviews you have, the community information you provide. How can you win them over right from the get-go?
  • People like people. Remember: a human is visiting your social media profile, so the profile should be humanized. Fill your page with heart-warming stories, videos of resident activities, staff bios, etc. to create a solid foundation for human connection.
  • Be the expert. Find the line between being personable and being professional. Position your community and team as the go-to experts in senior living. People do business with people they trust, who will do a better job than anyone else out there. Don’t be afraid to highlight your accreditations, certifications, and anything else that sets you and your team apart.
  • Every single post, response, and review should scream positivity. Answer questions wholeheartedly and address concerns will compassion. Keep the conversation going, and do what it takes to fully understand where they are coming from.

Being active on social media and emanating positivity to your online audience will allow you to easily promote your community, boost referrals and increase occupancies.