Understanding the Buyer’s Journey to Increase Conversions

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Considering a potential customer’s wants and needs is perhaps the most fundamental building block in a marketing strategy. But it can’t be the only building block. Too often businesses can suffer from tunnel vision, focusing on fulfilling customer wants and needs and missing the big picture: the buyer’s journey, or the complete consumer odyssey, start to finish. Considering every step of the buyer’s journey can provide valuable insight into the mind of a consumer, allowing marketers to build a strategy that speaks to consumers more personally than those of their competition.


The buyer’s journey is especially significant in the senior living industry. Buyers are looking for more than a simple product. They’re looking for a place to live that will provide the ongoing services or care that can ensure long-term comfort and happiness. What’s more, the bulk of the research is often taken on by a senior’s family or loved ones, creating a multi-pronged journey.


So, what exactly is the buyer’s journey? HubSpot defines it as “the process buyers go through to become aware of, consider and evaluate, and decide to purchase a new product or service.” They go on to describe the 3 stages of the process:


  • Awareness: A potential customer realizes they face a dilemma
  • Consideration: The potential customer defines their dilemma and begins researching solutions
  • Decision: the potential customer decides upon a solution


Contextualizing this within the realm of senior care is straightforward: a senior or their family realizes they can no longer live alone -> they begin researching the best solution for the senior (home care, assisted living, independent living, etc.) -> they decide on the best option. One way to help this senior and their family travel down the sales funnel is to help educate them with content marketing. Content on topics such as tips for transitioning into senior care, when to make the move, how to deal with belongings and finances, etc., will both put their minds at ease and frame you as an industry thought leader, someone who is trustworthy and knowledgeable. This could help your organization stand out in the crowd and lead to occupancy numbers soaring.


Another important step is to identify your ideal resident persona, if you haven’t already. This can help you frame your organization in the perfect light and help make the buyer journey as obstacle-free as possible while buyers travel down the sales funnel towards purchase. Consider what questions your ideal persona or their families would ask, and what concerns keep them up at night. Include an FAQ section on your website which addresses these questions and concerns. Just like that, you have helped put their minds at ease before they even speak with a salesperson.


Giving thought to the buyer’s journey can help you highlight what makes your organization great while making the research process easy for potential residents and their families. Stay tuned to our blog for more industry tips and insights.