Timing is Everything: Reach Prospective Residents the Moment They Need You

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In the 10 years Bloom has been providing marketing services to the healthcare industry, it is more important than ever to time your outreach appropriately. In the senior living industry, competition is fierce. The key to capturing leads happens when someone voices a need, and you provide a solution. How do you meet in the middle?

  1. Online Advertising. Google AdWords allows your organization to get in front of prospective residents/clients when they are actively in the decision-making process. When running a Google AdWords campaign, you can set it up so your ads appear for only certain searches, or those within a certain proximity to your organization. These targeting factors, among many others, allow you to appear for only those searches with high intent, i.e., for people who are seeking a solution to their needs, right now. Google AdWords is a more aggressive approach to lead capture over some other methods.
  2. Content Marketing. While Google AdWords is a rather direct marketing technique, content marketing is a softer sell. Content marketing is the act of creating and delivering timely, relevant, and valuable material consistently to one’s database in order to change their behavior without necessarily selling. By distributing content consistently to your database, you are keeping prospects engaged and educated, even if they’re not yet ready to make a decision. You never know when a certain content piece will provide just the push they need to contact you. For example, as we near the holidays, a piece such as, “Common Signs of Early Dementia,” may hit one’s inbox as they get ready to visit their loved ones for Thanksgiving. You are not directly promoting your services, but because you are connecting them with valuable content at the right time, they will remember you when the time comes to arrange a new level of care for their loved one.
  3. Social Media. Social media provides more of a passive approach to connecting with potential residents/clients. Social media is like an open house for your community, except it is happening online. Some people may show up, some may not. Others will engage with you, others will just observe. It’s up to you to post relevant, interesting, and consistent information to your page so no matter when a prospect comes to your channels, they have what they need to take the next step.

There are over 50+ tactics a senior living organization could deploy. Narrow down the specific tactics that will help you to reach your target audience at the right time.