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These are the top 3 most powerful brands in the world, as reported by Forbes:

  1. Apple: Brand value $154.1 billion
  2. Google: Brand value $82.5 billion
  3. Microsoft: Brand value $75.2 billion

What do these mega-brands have in common?


Imagine Google using multiple sub-brands to “stand out” in front of various industries, like this:


What a mess!

These various identifiers don’t, in fact, make Google stand out at all. What makes Google stand out is the one thing they do best that can’t be found elsewhere: Google makes a positive impact on people’s lives by organizing the world’s information and making it easily accessible. The company does this across industries, for everyone – in more than 200 countries, regardless of what industry employs them. That brand essence is precisely what the company’s one logo represents. Here it is, in all of its singleness and glory:

The same is true for all brands. Too often in healthcare, we believe that adding specialties, locations, services or industries under the logo helps to clarify the brand when in fact it almost always just muddies memorability.

Even worse is the brand that has multiple logos for what is truly a single offering.

It’s true – even marketing agencies err in this way. In fact, ours did. As our marketing agency began serving various different subsets of the health and wellness industry, my team and I launched a whole mess of sub-brands:


Now, we are cleaning up our act. We know for sure that the one thing we do that can’t be found elsewhere is this: We are the most agile marketing team in the nation, moving strategies to market with greater speed and ease than any of our competitors. We do that across all of the industries we serve, for everyone – in more than 35 states and several different countries, including Jordan, Japan and Australia.

That brand essence is precisely what our company’s one logo will represent.

It’s coming soon!