Terms of Sales

Commitment Period | 12 months from Service Start Date

Automatic Renewal | Month-to-Month

Revisions | Each project rate includes two rounds of revisions. Each revision after three will be billed at an hourly rate of $165.

Project Cancellation | If Client desires to terminate this Agreement at any time, client shall provide Big Buzz with written notice of termination 60 days prior to termination. The notice of termination shall state the date upon which termination shall be effective (cannot be earlier than the date of the notice, must be 60 after date upon which letter was received) (the “Termination Date”). Upon termination, Big Buzz shall retain the entirety of the deposit. Client shall be responsible for the payment of all (i) fees for services performed prior to the Termination Date, (ii) costs and expenses incurred by Big Buzz on or before the Termination Date, (iii) fees, costs and expenses associated with minimum term requirements under the Agreement, and (iv) fees associated with deliverables provided to client or in process on or before the Termination Date (collectively, the “Termination Fees”). If the amount of payments (minus the deposit) made by client exceed the amount of the Termination Fees, such excess may be used by client as a credit towards a different scope of work to be provided by Big Buzz.

Dormant Project Fee | If the project becomes dormant for longer than 15 days due to delayed client response, an additional project management fee may be applied. The client will be informed of any charges before being billed. 

Possible Additional Fees | The client will be made aware of any additional fees in advance of billing.

Online Advertising Buys | Online advertising buys will be billed one month in advance of purchase in order to ensure uninterrupted service. In the case that payment is more than 15 days late, the client will be responsible for any interest charges incurred. In the case that payment is more than 30 days late, the advertising buy will be suspended until payment is up to date.

Printing | Big Buzz utilizes CMYK printing and is not liable for color matching or ink density on digital proofs approved by the client. Digital proofs will predict design layout, text accuracy, image proportion and placement, but not color or density. Big Buzz will try its best to match the gradient density of each color. Big Buzz is not liable for the final appearance of a color. Conventional, color-matched printing available upon request and at an additional fee. By virtue of my signature below, I understand that Big Buzz recommends CMYK printing to ensure that I receive quality printed marketing materials at reasonable prices. I am aware of the difference between these two options, and I hereby authorize Big Buzz to produce my marketing materials using CMYK printing.

Deliverables | Big Buzz will promptly furnish and disclose to client all materials (including but not limited to software, text and any deliverables) and any other works delivered to client or prepared or developed by or for client in the course of or resulting from the provision of services under this agreement and all intellectual property rights relating to the foregoing (collectively the “deliverables”). All right, title and interest in the deliverables, other than prior works (defined below), vests in client and is deemed to be a work made for hire; and, to the extent it is not considered a work made for hire, Big Buzz hereby assigns client all right, title and interest in and to such deliverables. If the deliverables include items developed prior to the earlier of the performance of the services or the date of this agreement or any third party materials (“prior works”), Big Buzz hereby grants client an unrestricted, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable license to make, have made, use, market, import, distribute, copy, modify, prepare derivative works, perform, transmit, display, disclose, sublicense, and otherwise exploit such prior works. Exclusions apply to direct mail pieces.