Take the Guesswork Out of Marketing

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Effectively positioning your senior living community against the competition is a vital factor in increasing occupancies. Another key aspect that influences your community’s ability to increase occupancies is how successful you are at reaching your target audience via marketing efforts and channels that resonate with them.

To do so, you must take the guesswork out of marketing. Integrative, strategic marketing is highly effective when done correctly. There are essentially 25 different marketing tactics that a senior living community could deploy, yet only a handful of those are right for the community at any given time. A reputable comprehensive marketing agency will help you to determine and document which senior living marketing tactics are right for you, right now, as shown by market research. Investing in strategic marketing means you will get the biggest bang for your marketing buck.

A full-service senior living marketing agency will complete market research, develop a strategic marketing plan based on those findings, and deploy the marketing tactics that will increase awareness and occupancies for your senior living community.

The first step in gathering market research is to survey your happiest residents and their family members. Ask about their opinions and perceptions of your community, as well as about how they heard about you. What kinds of marketing did they pay attention to when seeking our a senior living community for their loved one? The survey results provide authentic feedback about what leverages your community against the rest, and which marketing channels to capitalize on to appeal directly to your target audience.

This data creates the foundation for a successful marketing platform and deployable strategic marketing plan, all in an effort to drive new resident leads, fill beds and provide quality care to seniors in your community.