Spread the Love!

Having a blog is one thing. Making sure it’s being consistently updated with new content is another. Bloom is here to help when writer’s block sets in. Here are six ideas for your next blog:


Has a fellow industry expert written a piece that struck your interest? Perhaps it was about aromatherapy for Alzheimer’s care or the use of light therapy for mood improvement. Use your blog to react, respond to and expand upon those ideas. If your organization has a similar program, your database of contacts deserves to see how your community is taking advantage of new developments in aging services.


So often blog posts take the form of downloads, instructions or lists (like this one). They can lack the emotion that really connects prospects to your offering. Take an opportunity to tell a story, either from your perspective or perhaps via an interview with a resident or one of their family members. When asked to share, they will light up and tell stories about how your organization changed their life. That is marketing gold. Bottle it up and share it with those who would also benefit from your level of care.


Are you getting the same slew of questions each time a tour is scheduled? If everyone is asking about engagement programs, your community’s culture or what investment is really needed to become a resident, share that information! Answer burning questions using your blog in order to lower the barrier to entry and make it that much easier for prospects to take that next step with you.


Use your blog to give something away of value to your database. Have you written an e-book on the early signs a loved one may need support or a guide to making move-ins a breeze? Reward your followers for being avid readers by giving them something for free and show them you are a true expert in your field.


Write a blog comparing your organization to your competitors. The key here is to not badmouth your competitors, or even reference them by name, but to show how your organization stands apart from the rest. For example, if you are a single-location community competing with a national chain, highlight your impressive ratio of caregivers to residents or share that your staff knows each resident by name. If your prospects are an ideal fit, you will be exactly what they are looking for.


While you live and breathe your industry jargon, adult children or spouses looking for care for their loved ones may not. They may not know the difference between independent living and assisted living. Use your blog as an opportunity to educate and empower prospects.

Regardless of the theme you choose for your next blog, know that it will always be best received by your audience when it is timely, relevant and provides them with true value.