Finding the right location for your organization is half of the marketing battle. What if you had the ability to hand-pick your ideal location, attract your target demographic, and watch new clients and residents flow in? That’s where we come in.

Let us do what we do best. By putting strategy and data into this process, the potential for your organization’s success skyrockets. You will have relevant and timely data relating to a specific location and the consumer behavior in that area, so you can clearly see how to find and attract your target client and resident base.

Senior Living Demographics

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Senior Living Keyword Reporting

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Income Demographics

Search Volume By County/Keyword

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Bloom offers in-depth, comprehensive demographic reports to senior living organizations who are looking to build a new community or expand to a new location.

These reports can include information around:
  • Degree of demand by keyword and location
  • Competition by keyword and location
  • Specific competitor analysis and research
  • Average search volume by keyword and location
  • Wealth statistics, by household or individual
  • Income information by age, location, and more
  • Specific online search behavior by location, income level, education, and more
  • Demographic statistics by county and city
  • Demographic statistics by age and population
  • Population growth statistics

There are countless variations of what data can be included. Contact us today to get started. Let’s build your dream organization!

Get a Senior Living Demographic Assessment and Estimate Today!

There are countless variations of what data can be included. Contact us today to get started
– let’s build your dream organization!


1. Demographic information for the areas around your organization

2. Recommendations for how many households to target and how often

3. A strategy for reaching your target audience

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