Sales and Marketing Teamwork: Attract New Residents and Keep Occupancies Full

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Since the beginning of time – or just the beginning of business – sales and marketing have been competing for time, money and resources, yet they are equally necessary factors in the success of your senior living community. Creating an environment where both sales and marketing can thrive is essential for sustainable growth and increased productivity.

Your first step should be creating a strong foundation for your brand, one that both the sales and marketing teams can utilize in their materials, presentations, tours, etc. In all good business, as well as the senior living industry, consistency is key. You want to create a song sheet from which all your community’s key players, both in sales and marketing, can sing. Start by surveying residents and their families to ask why they chose your community, what differentiated your community from others, and what they love most about it. Ask your team what makes your senior living community superior and special.

This data will allow you to create brand messaging and a look and feel that both sales and marketing can use to propel the community forward. Everyone will be saying the same thing, presenting the community the same way, and there will be no surprises as potential residents and their families move down the sales funnel.

At the end of the day, there is one common goal: loyal and happy residents and resident families. By unifying your team with one consistent messaging, look and feel, and keeping that goal front and center, sustainable and predictable growth lies ahead.