Sales and Marketing Teams + Marketing Agencies: Better Together

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As the senior living industry continues to grow, it is vital for organizations to invest in the appropriate marketing strategies in order to stand out among the competition. Marketing is a complex beast, and as technology continues to develop and become more sophisticated it may be time to enlist the help of a marketing agency. Here are five benefits of hiring a marketing agency to work alongside your sales and marketing team.

  1. Product knowledge. The agency specializes in marketing. Each team member at the marketing agency has a specific purpose, which is to ensure your organization is put in front of those who matter most: potential residents and their families. Making sense of the new Google algorithms? Got it. Knowing which new marketing platform to utilize? Done. Make sure the dollars spent on marketing are giving you the highest return-on-investment, and that all appropriate strategies are being executed by experts.
  2. Time. Correctly targeting your ideal prospects takes time, and time is money. The goal of marketing is to fill the sales funnel with prospects engaged with your community. While the marketing agency is handling the top of the funnel, let your sales and marketing team focus on the prospects who are farther down the sales cycle. These are the potential residents and families aware of your organization who need additional nurturing. Allow your sales and marketing team to use their time to meet with as many potential residents and their families as possible.
  3. Outside perspective. Similarly to consultants, outside marketing agencies can give you a fresh perspective on your organization. Marketing agencies know what works, what doesn’t, and how to better appeal to your target demographic. Enlisting the help of a marketing agency can save your organization money and clearly identify where your marketing dollars have gone, as well as the ROI that resulted from those tactics.
  4. Marketing is here to stay. Whether your organization is a new build, new home health company, full occupancy, or struggling to meet budget goals, marketing is always necessary to keep your organization afloat. There are different marketing strategies based on your specific needs, and marketing agencies can show you exactly what’s right for your community – now.
  5. Results. Marketing agencies rely on YOUR success for THEIR success. Marketing agencies have no choice but to deliver the highest quality work to remain successful.

As the baby boomers keep moving towards retirement and more senior living industry organizations enter the market, make sure your marketing is doing what it needs to be doing: generating new leads and filling your sales funnel.