Master the Hiring Process

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Hiring a new employee should be an exciting and progressive time for a business. Hiring may feel daunting, but it is imperative to the health of the company to find the perfect fit: values, philosophies, goals, and expectations must be aligned. A clear job description must be outlined, and each team member needs to be candidly aware of how the addition of an employee will directly impact them, the company, and the culture altogether. In preparation for bringing on a new employee, follow these four tips to make the transition as seamless and smooth as possible.

The Job Description Matters
The job description is the first contact a potential candidate is going to have with the community and business. While outlining the roles and responsibilities is important, so is describing and clearly illustrating everything else that goes along with the position: the company culture, vacation policy, compensation, hours, etc. This will help to weed out misfits from the get go, saving everyone valuable time and energy.

Ask the Right Questions
Ask questions that require critical thinking and showcase problem solving, strategy, and communication skills. Soft skills such as these are what ultimately make a candidate a good fit for a position. Ask questions about their passions, what keeps them up at night, and their dream job. Questions around these innate desires and wishes will open up an underlying side of the candidate you may not see otherwise.

Offer When It’s Right, and Not Before
If the entire interview process is completed and you are still unsure, the candidate is likely not the right fit. It may take hundreds of phone interviews, dozens of first round, and several second/third round interviews to find the right candidate. It is best to hire the right candidate the first time, instead of having to go through the process multiple times.

Welcome the New Hire Home
Integrating them into the culture and business is imperative from the very moment the new hire sets foot in the door. A massive shift is about to take place, and every employee needs to be aware, working toward a successful integration and easy transition. Make sure the new hire does not eat lunch alone any day during their first week. Complete as many ice breakers, team meetings, and group activities as possible (without throwing off the entire working week). Also, and perhaps most importantly, get the new hire actively working and participating right way. This will allow for efficient, effective, and successful integration.

By getting your team excited about hiring a new candidate, encouraging everyone to get involved, and prepping for a solid and smooth transition, the hiring process becomes an efficient, effective, and progressive part of your community and the business.