Spread the Love!

Take a moment to think about your community’s offerings. How many are there? Do they keep your residents engaged? Might your residents be looking for more? As Baby Boomers begin to require additional services, the senior living industry’s mindset will need to shift with their new target demographic. Adult children want to ensure their loved ones will have the opportunity to maintain rich lives and still enjoy new experiences. When potential residents and families are touring a community, they want to see something different and new.

Your prospective residents and their families are looking for the best community for their loved one: make it yours.When your marketing team works with your life enrichment department magical things will happen. Below are three ideas to really turn up the dial on life enrichment:

1. Canvases and mocktails: This has been a growing trend in the senior living industry, and it is fantastic! There is no better way to practice painting or learn a new skill than to create a beautiful photo. Canvases can be purchased in bulk and acrylic paints are extremely easy to work with. Plus, the artwork will make for great social media posts!

2. Brew some brew: Microbrews aren’t just for millennials. Host a tasting event where all of the money raised goes back to the residents to provide additional funding for more life enrichment programs. Send out a press release about the event to attract media coverage and community interest.

3. Photo booth: Grab a polaroid, a black sheet, and some props. Let your residents take candid, silly photos to keep in their apartment or suite, and to share with friends and family. After the photos are taken and printed, hold a viewing party showcasing the photos while residents and family members enjoy beverages and snacks. Want to step it up a notch? Use a digital camera and take photos of residents for them to use as holiday cards to send to their friends and family.

Your current residents are looking for something new and engaging. Your prospective residents and their families are looking for something unique, too. The old adage is true; age is just a number. It’s time to kick ageism to the side and really give our residents what they want!

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