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With the rise of content marketing and social media, marketing buzzwords get thrown around like confetti. What do the newest buzzwords actually mean and which ones matter? Here are six marketing buzzwords you may or may not have heard before:

  1. Omnichannel marketing: Omnichannel marketing is an approach in which the customer is provided with a seamless selling experience, whether online (desktop or mobile), on the phone or in the physical location. Individuals are consistently marketed to across a series of different media types in order to reach them at the exact moment they are seeking out your services. For example, a potential client may visit your website, see your remarketing ads on a different but related website, hop over to their Facebook feed and see your ad there, too. Each time, they are asked to take the next step in order to seamlessly move down the sales funnel.
  2. Storyscaping: This tactic involves creating a world where the brand’s story becomes part of the customer’s story. Storyscaping is the newest fad in digital marketing and can help to create a long-lasting, strong bond between the organization and consumer. According to ClickZ, it includes using stories to create a narrative in a way where consumers can actually participate in marketing through communications, interactions and consumption.
  3. Hyperlocal: Hyperlocal targeting is very popular in running online advertising for communities as this marketing technique uses data from a GPS to target prospects geographically. Hyperlocal targeting is a form of location-based advertising that allows you to reach those who are most likely to become your next client or resident.
  4. Snackable Content: Snackable content is just as it sounds: content that is digestible or bite-sized. Think short videos. Using snackable content allows you to reach audiences quickly in an easy and convenient manner. When prospects don’t have the time to soak in informational articles or lengthy videos, this is a great option to stay in front of them.
  5. SoLoMo: This tactic combines three powerful marketing tools (social media, local search and mobile usage) to most effectively engage those who are most likely to become your next client or resident.
  6. UGC: User Generated Content is becoming popular as more brands work to build relationships with consumers through showcasing consumer reviews, artwork, etc. UGC can help humanize a brand by incorporating a consumer’s personal story, interactions and feelings towards an organization, which helps to make brand engagement more of a two-way street, rather than one-sided advertising.

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