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After discussing our client’s goals, challenges, and marketing needs, the next question is typically, “How long will it take to see results?” While the success of marketing depends on many factors (online reviews, the resident move-in process, the community’s website, new client assessments), we still want to be able to provide our clients with a general idea of when they can expect to see results from their efforts.

Below is a sample chart answering the big question based on ten years of marketing experience and collaboration with other marketing professionals.

Marketing Tactic Number of Days Before This Tactic Attracts New Residents/Clients
Google AdWords 1 day
Yelp Advertising 1 day
Facebook Advertising 1 day
Direct Mail (time to develop and send) 45 days
Radio Advertisement (time to record and air) 30 days
Television Advertisement (time to record and air) 30 days
Brand New Website (time to develop) 60 days
Search Engine Optimization 90 days
Print advertising 90 days

While online marketing tactics can typically be “turned on” and “turned up” relatively easily and quickly, it’s important to have a balanced marketing plan taking into account brand/awareness marketing, internal marketing, traditional marketing, and online marketing.

Remember, the most effective marketing plan is one consisting of the tactics your target audience will pay attention to most, and the best way to uncover that information is to survey your current residents/clients and their families. Start there and create a marketing plan based on real research and true strategy.

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