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In our ten-years of marketing senior living communities and organizations, we’ve seen hundreds of failed marketing plans and wasted efforts. Oftentimes, there is a common thread throughout all of these cases: the cobbling together of marketing solutions from multiple vendors.

Marketing is effective and successful when it is comprehensive and consistent. If you are working with multiple vendors to say, deploy a direct mail campaign, to run SEO for the website or to place ads in the local newspaper, these vendors are all likely deploying and delivering different messages, which may confuse your target audience and hurt your overall marketing goals.

While each vendor may be working toward the same goal – to maintain high occupancies month-over-month through a steady stream of qualified leads – a unified message and strategy may be missing. A strong, consistent marketing message and deployment strategy most easily exists when there is a single team of experts behind every marketing message, campaign and tactic.

Marketing is an extremely evolutionary and agile process, which can require constant refinement and optimization based on data, trends and overall performance, aside from changing competitive landscapes and consumer behavior trends. If you can have one team of experts backing your organization, they can advise you and suggest action when needed in the most comprehensive and cohesive manner.

Additionally, if you can find a single partner that you trust with all marketing-related decisions, this not only creates room for a harmonious business relationship, it can make your life easier. Divvying up marketing efforts across various partners opens the door for lower quality assurance, inefficiencies in getting promotions to market, higher overall marketing costs and difficulty measuring results.

When implemented effectively, marketing will run like a well-oiled machine that is consistently bringing in qualified leads.