InstaBook and TwitterTube: Utilizing Social Media in Senior Living

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The digital age is already upon us. Are you ready to cater to the demands of the new older adult demographic? Have you been staying on top of the latest #trends? More adult children are relying on social media for honest reviews and an inside glance into your organization. You have to meet your potential residents and families where they are and provide sustenance and education surrounding the senior living industry. There is no better platform than social media to showcase your unique organization while maintaining an interactive relationship with residents, prospects, and families online.

Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform used in senior living. Facebook provides an easy-to-use interface for implementing ad campaigns and tracking your results. Aside from promoted posts on your Facebook page, you can also run carousel and canvas ads. Carousel ads allow your team members to feature multiple stories using both text and photos in one single ad. Since most Facebook users are now using their mobile phones for social media use, Facebook recently released canvas ads. The idea here is to provide a fully interactive and integrative ad without the visitor having to leave the Facebook application. Canvas ads can feature different images, messages, and calls-to-action. This tactic draws more success because users aren’t redirected right away to your website, and instead can interact with your brand right on Facebook. Both canvas and carousel ads cater to convenience and help promote your organization without burdening the audience with information overload.

Instagram has recently become more popular within the senior living industry. The great thing about Instagram is how simple it can be. Post photos of your community, remodel, events, or set up a selfie booth for your residents. Utilize hashtags to drive more traffic, and promote your posts to appear in your target audiences feed. Encourage the team to utilize Instagram to showcase the best of the best. Use visuals to tell the real story of your community – but try to keep the text minimal. Also, leave a few lines underneath your caption for your hashtags to avoid confusion in too much text. Hashtags are best used to build awareness about a specific organization, event or service so don’t get too overzealous with yours.

Twitter has been around for a while and can be linked to multiple other social media platforms. You can link your Instagram and Facebook accounts to your Twitter profile so all of your updates appear on Twitter. Twitter is a great tool to utilize for short updates and messages (140 characters or less, of course) and don’t forget hashtags! Looking to grow your community even more? Utilize the @ feature to “mention” other senior living industry professionals. It will get their attention, and who knows, they might even reply (Hello free advertising!).

YouTube is another well-established platform and one of the top social media marketing tactics in the senior living industry. If you are looking to ramp up occupancy, try a YouTube advertising campaign to reach your target demographic. Do you have stable occupancy? Marketing is still essential! Upload videos of your residents participating in various events (with written consent, of course) or upload a video tour of your community. Is there something special going on? Utilize the “live”” feature to allow those who are not able to attend to still be a part of the action.

Social media is continuing to revolutionize marketing – make sure your organization isn’t being left in the dust. Interested in a complimentary social media assessment? Contact Bloom today!