Inspire Your Team, and They’ll Inspire You!

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Taking your community to the next level is not an individual effort. It involves the entire team, all working toward one goal, with a clear vision in mind. There is a growing trend in business that can help with this: leadership from all team members, toward all team members, not solely in a top-down relationship. Inspiration is a reciprocal feeling and is one of the most powerful and efficient ways to increase productivity, boost happiness, and improve team communication.

Once goals are decided, each member of the team must work together toward achieving them. By inspiring your team, they will also inspire you, and it will be a self-serving cycle of growth, accomplishment, and success.

Everyone Has Skin in the Game

You can talk about the community’s goals and steps to get there to your peers and colleagues all day long, but until they are able to see their own accountability, those conversations may not yield the results you’re looking for. Explain to your team how every single person’s contributions matter and map out how they are all dependent on one another. Show how much quicker you will get where you want to go when everyone is involved and can feel the significance of their own weight.

Fulfillment Beyond Payment

Of course employees are motivated by their paycheck, but this is not the only driving factor. Discovering meaning in work creates a much greater impact. Employees, regardless of industry, are known to work harder when they know what they’re doing has an impact and is innovative.

Mutual Respect

Establish and lay ground rules for how respect is earned and recognized in your organization. Recognition differs from respect, in that recognition can be superficial and forced. By instilling a sense of genuine and mutual respect among team members, cohesiveness, teamwork, and communication will flourish.

Trust Yourself and Trust Each Other

Trust is the foundation of any solid and successful relationship. If team members feel they can communicate openly and honestly with one another, and with you, inspiration will naturally follow. Both feed into that self-serving cycle, consistently and sustainably progressing the team and the community toward the goals.

Inspiration is the gift that keeps on giving. Stop waiting for your community to reach its goals, and inspire your team to work as one toward them. This will continue to propel your community forward.