The Importance of CRM Software

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CRM software is key to running a successful nurture program. By fully utilizing your CRM software, your community will remain top-of-mind for current and prospective residents and their families, and you will be able to consistently position your community as the best-of-the-best in senior living.

The benefits of CRM software are plentiful:

  • Leads are kept warm. If a prospective resident and their family are not ready to make a decision, you can keep your community top-of-mind for when they are ready to move forward. CRM software allows you to easily systemize lead follow-up procedures so they happen automatically, reducing the need for extra work.
  • Data is easily gathered and tracked. With CRM software, you can easily track every interaction your staff has with prospective residents and their families. You can then use this information to build relationships and convert more leads into actual residents.
  • Opportunity is maintained. If a potential resident and their family say, “No”, it does not mean that they are never going to be interested. When that time comes, the lead will already be aware of your community and all that it offers, increasing the chances that they move forward with you.
  • It is cost-effective. Implementing and utilizing CRM can pay for itself if used correctly. It leads to less manual follow-up, thereby reducing unnecessary staff.

CRM software allows you to always stay in touch with potential and current residents and their families. In doing so, you have ample opportunity to position your community as an expert in senior living and to remain top-of-mind for when potential residents and their families are ready to move forward.