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Bloom recently had the pleasure of speaking with Jeff Yates, a certified consultant at iWork Zone, a science-based talent mining, matching and management analytics software company.

Q. Tell us more about iWorkZone and how it came to be.

A. The company has been around for many years. Originally it was a training company, and we still have several training programs. What our team continued to discover is that training would get companies back on track short term, and then they’d fall off the rails again. Through those experiences, our team of PhDs began to create the assessments that are the backbone of our company today. The current leadership came on board to guide the company’s transition from training into a truly unique HR consulting firm that provides tools and a system that is one of a kind in the industry. We all bring extensive operational and business experience, so we’ve been able to view our tools from our clients’ perspective.You mention you utilize predictive psychometric science.

Q. How does this relate to hiring the right team member?

A. Assessments have been around for many, many years. The key is that 99% of those assessments focus solely on personality. While personality is important to understand in people, it doesn’t predict success in a job. It often gets someone a job they end up quitting. So while we look at personality, we also dig deeper into who a person is on the inside. We focus on personality and work type interest, which is how God wired you together. Understanding this about both applicants and employees allows companies to better manage their teams. They base their approach not on what someone says about themselves; instead, they focus on who they really are.

Q. How does iWorkZone differ from other pre-employment screenings?

A. Aside from the personality aspect I mentioned before, the other downside to the majority of pre-screen tools is that an applicant can figure out how to answer the questions so that the company will like what they see.  JIST testing and situational questionnaires are the same way, and applicants simply try to say the “right” thing.  Companies generally have two kinds of employees – a group that they wish they could clone, and a group that they wish they hadn’t hired. Our tools are created in a way that you have no idea how to answer, so applicants can’t “cheat” the system. Second, we can help companies understand what makes those awesome employees great, and then they can quickly identify applicants who are similar. It’s far more accurate and effective, saves HR time, and ultimately reduces turnover significantly.

Q. How have you seen iWorkZone benefit the senior living industry?

A. Senior living is where I spend the majority of my days. Whether it’s helping the C-Suite understand how they function as a team, an ED learning about their team and how to communicate better, or helping a community staff with people that are going to excel in providing care, the opportunities are vast. The cool part about working with senior living is that there is only one goal, and that is to make sure that the residents are thriving each and every day. The opportunity to help operators and owners build teams that are wired to do that job well is very rewarding, mainly because it’s our way to impact the care of those seniors.

Q. Does iWorkZone help reduce turnover in senior living?

A. Absolutely. The problem with today is that resumes sometimes stretch the story, interviews are coached and prepared, and applicants tend to tell a company what they want to hear. Using our tools allows a company to first understand those superstars that do the job well for them every day, and then quickly identify applicants who will likely perform similarly. The accuracy of the tools allows a company to spend on average 5 hours less per job in interviews, while ultimately hiring more of those they engage with.  We help companies identify which applicants will fit best in their culture and succeed.

Q. What are the top 3 things everyone needs to know about iWorkZone?


  • What we do is truly unique, and once you experience it you will see why.
  • Our goal is to leave each client better than we find them.
  • We love what we do because we love making a difference in people’s lives. So we have a blast at work every day!
  • Is there a particular success story you feel comfortable sharing?

There are many! Honestly, our favorite thing is when we sit down with a new client and review their initial assessment results. Being able to shed light on how they work together, provide insight on ways to become more successful, and then watch them laugh and smile as they hear the results, that’s my favorite part of my job.

To keep things light, what is one of your favorite memories of a grandparent growing up?

My grandparents were my heroes, so we could talk all day. From the time I was about three until I went to college, I traveled every summer with my Grandfather, Grandmother, and often with my Great-Grandmother (who lived to nearly 101).  We saw most of this country together – driving 99% of the time, and I still smile at those memories often. Then as they aged, I watched what they went through, the struggles they faced when those things happened in their lives where they couldn’t keep going. I can never change what happened to them, but every day I go to work to make things better for other people’s grandparents. I love old people and want to make a difference in their lives, and it’s all because of Grammy, Grandpa, and Mollie Jane!