The Funnel on Top of Your Community

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Right now there is a giant invisible funnel on the top of your senior living community that is capable of generating a steady stream of new residents. The key is knowing how to work the funnel for optimum results.

At the top of the funnel are those potential residents and their families who are becoming aware of your community. These potential residents have the highest cost-per-acquisition since you have to move them all the way from the top of the funnel to the bottom before they will become residents. This requires a consistent investment of time and money. Awareness tactics get your home’s name out to the community and help spread your positive reputation.

In the middle of the funnel are those potential residents and their families who know about your community, and may have considered your home in the past, but have not yet moved forward. These potential residents and their families are mid-level cost-per-acquisition since you have already moved them down from the top of the funnel, but you have yet to move them to the bottom. They will require consistent nurture marketing tactics that will keep your community top-of-mind and encourage them to return.

The bottom of the funnel is the sweet spot. Residents and their families who are intentional about finding a community right now are in the bottom of the funnel. Intent or direct marketing activities are best to squeeze them out of the funnel and right into your community. These activities act like a person working on your behalf to tap intentional residents and their family members on the shoulder and say, “Looking for a home for your mother? Come right this way…” and lead them right to your door. Potential residents and their families in this part of the funnel are the lowest cost-per-acquisition.

Many communities over invest in awareness marketing and are confused about why they can’t gauge occupant numbers from their marketing.

Some communities skip nurture tactics altogether, not realizing that the resident and their loved ones need far more education or trust-building from the community to convert from a “maybe” resident into a “yes” resident.

And still others rely too heavily on direct marketing, which causes an upsurge in residents from time to time but not a steady stream of residents over time.

In fact, the funnel works best when all parts are working simultaneously and consistently.

What tactics does your current marketing plan include? Are you missing any parts of the funnel?