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We often hear from our clients the amount of website visitors means very little to them if they don’t actually see tours increase, occupancies rise or wait lists grow. We understand it can be frustrating to see a metric such as website visitors increase, with little to no movement within your actual business. We’ve gathered five ways to help your organization convert online visitors into residents

  1. Role play. Set aside some time for you and your team to go through your website like a new prospect would. Do the text and wording make sense to someone who is not as familiar with the industry? Is the navigation intuitive and easy to follow? If it’s difficult to navigate through your website, the online visitor may never fill out a form or seek out a way to get ahold of you. In fact, 40% of website viewers who have a negative experience will never return to your website. Ensure the user experience is exactly right so every visitor has an opportunity to become your next client.
  2. Get them on your schedule. Use an online scheduling system like Calendly to allow website visitors to book a tour right on your website. Online scheduling and reservation websites like ZocDoc and Open Table are extremely successful because they make it easy for a website visitor to take the next step. There is no form needed, no call to be made. In a few clicks, tours can be scheduled without you and your team having to do anything.
  3. Implement website pop-ups. While many may think website pop-ups are annoying or obstructive, they are a great way to capture leads and continue to stay in front of them. You can focus on gathering emails to add to your database by offering a free downloadable brochure or step-by-step moving guide. Once you get your prospect’s email address, make sure you put it into your CRM or have the form automatically add the prospect to your CRM. This way, marketing automation can nurture your prospect down the sales funnel and into your doors. This brings us to tip #4…
  4. Take advantage of marketing automation. Rather than having your admissions team chasing down contact form submissions or email inquiries, import email addresses for your leads into your CRM and let it do the work for you. Create a follow-up campaign for leads who don’t respond within a week. Set up a re-engagement strategy reaching out to leads you haven’t spoken with in six months. Develop a holiday or birthday campaign that sends out friendly emails, just to stay in front of leads and let them know you’re thinking of them. It doesn’t have to be complicated; it just needs to be automated. That way, when the tours and calls do come in, your team is available and prepared.
  5. Make sure you have a form on every page. You never know which part of your website will speak directly to your potential client or their family member. They may be most captivated by the gardens at your residences, or the 5-star chef you employ to prepare meals, or the diverse opportunities to improve quality of life. Make sure each page has a way for website leads to engage with you so when the moment strikes and they want to take the next step, they can easily do so.

If you are seeing far more website visitors than actual leads come into your community, follow these five steps to ensure you are doing what you can to keep visitors engaged and interested in your offering. You can also reach out to a Bloom marketing expert to conduct a website analysis for your organization.