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Over the past 10 years, Bloom has interacted with a variety of marketing teams, ranging from entire departments to a single marketing intern. With that experience, we have assembled our top 4 tips for creating an effective marketing team.

  1. Make sure your marketing team is communicating with the entire team. Marketing is one piece of an organization’s success, but in order for real results to occur, marketing should be working alongside the sales and operations departments, too. If the marketing department is seeing tremendous growth in online visits, but the sales team still has no leads, a conversation should take place. If more marketing dollars are needed to reach your goals, the operations department is going to need to update the budget. The marketing team cannot be sectioned off, and integrating the team with the entire organization will lead to greater synergy, more efficient efforts, and better results.
  2. Track everything. Once you have your marketing plan in place, be sure you have a solid list of metrics you want to review each month. Those may be calls, clicks, leads, assessments, new clients, and more. Be sure to have a systemized strategy in place so analytics don’t go unseen for long gaps of time. Keeping regular tabs on your results allows the marketing team to make changes quickly and continue to analyze efforts in order to improve metrics.
  3. Utilize marketing automation. Marketing automation can take many forms. We most often see it being utilized for lead generation or prospect nurture campaigns. Both, when done manually, can involve a lot of follow-up and a significant amount of brainpower to recall where your leads are in the sales or marketing funnel; however, if you can create a system for automatically capturing leads, providing them real value about your organization, and then having them go through the educational process without you, it will save everyone an infinite amount of time, which can then be dedicated to improving marketing efforts and more face-time with prospects.
  4. Launch at 80%. When we spend hours, days, and weeks trying to make something perfect, those hours, days, and weeks go without results. Get your email campaign published at 80% and see leads come in now. Make your new website live without the photo gallery. Tweaks can be made after the fact, and in the meantime, what you’ve worked so hard on can start generating business now.

If you find yourself struggling to meet your goals, consider working with a third-party. An outside marketing agency can give you a different perspective, greater expertise, and greater exposure to new marketing initiatives.