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Moving out of the family home is one of the most difficult decisions we will make. Our loved ones have worked their entire lives for their home, their security, and their memories. Moving into a new home may feel daunting, frightening, and can sometimes lead to additional confusion. Helping a prospective resident through this process does not need to be a challenge. There are a few ways to help prospective residents feel comfortable about their decision, and begin to look forward to this next step in their lives.

1. Practice Patience

Be patient with prospects. We hear the phrase “Walk a mile in their shoes” often, yet do we actually take the steps to stop and relate? I urge your team members to take time to brainstorm together what emotions might be heightened during this time. Write them down and keep them close. Think of ways to ease those concerns. Remain empathetic and take the process as slowly or as quickly as they need.

2. Invite Them In For A Tour of Your Facility

Many communities host open houses, educational events, or happy hours. Continue to invite in prospects so your organization remains top-of-mind. Recruit some of your current residents to be a part of a welcoming committee and engage prospects in conversation. After each event, make sure to send out handwritten thank-you cards from the team.


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3. Personalize the Experience

Unless your prospective residents can picture themselves in your community, they will not make the decision to move in. Get to know your prospects, their interests, and their preferences. Tailor each tour and each interaction to their unique needs. During your first interaction with a prospect, ensure they are talking most of the time. Get to know them by asking open-ending questions. Consider introducing prospects to current residents who may turn into a potential friend.

4. Provide a Cost Analysis

What are some of the perks your community offers? Do you pay for utilities, cable, or internet access? What other perks do you offer? This can all go into the conversation. Discover how much they may be paying for miscellaneous services, and let them know they would no longer need to be responsible for these additional bills.

5. Suggest Socialization Opportunities

If prospects enjoy gardening, point out the community’s dedicated gardening space available, likewise with all other hobbies they may have including a bridge club, knitting club, book club, or croquet. Emphasize the importance of socialization and any continuing education your community offers.

6. Offer Assistance

Moving can be exhausting, daunting, and time-consuming. There are many services available to older adults to help them through this process. Look to partner with organizations that specialize in downsizing. Partner with local realtors to help with the sale of the home, and even consider working alongside an interior designer for the move-in day. Offering to help with one of the most dreaded moving tasks can help ease the minds of your prospects and encourage them to move-in more quickly. Is the housing market hot? Utilize local trends and statistics in the real estate market.

Moving out of the home can be a highly emotional and difficult transition. The key to ensuring your prospects move into your community is to let them come to the conclusion they cannot live without you. Everything else will fall into place.

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