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Meet Edna. Edna is 75 years old and lives in Central New Hampshire. She’s retired and, while not wealthy, lives very comfortably between her pension and retirement account, not to mention a small inheritance from her recently deceased husband. She’s a warm, good-natured person who enjoys reading and taking quiet walks. Her walks have been becoming shorter as she has begun to experience health issues – issues which have recently made her unable to drive herself. She also enjoys spending time with her family, and her children got her a computer and taught her how to use Facebook and email (mainly to see pictures of her grandchildren). While her children are involved in her life, they no longer live nearby, and given she no longer drives, it can be difficult to coordinate visits to the doctor.

There’s one more important thing you should know about Edna: She’s not real.

Edna is a “resident persona,” a tool used by a New Hampshire assisted-living property management company called Riverhook. She is a collage of the best characteristics and traits of their current residents, and those they would like to attract. Riverhook hired a marketing agency to help build Edna, by examining existing data and conducting interviews with their current residents and staff. Thanks to Edna, every team member across Riverhook’s 3 facilities, as well as their marketing agency, are on the same page about how to engage with and market to potential new residents. They know they’d like a kind, relaxed person who is reaching the point where living alone is no longer sustainable. They would like to reach someone who has online access and with whom they could connect via email or social media, and has actively involved children who can potentially be reached the same way.

Patient personas can help a facility look beyond raw statistics and help their marketing approach delve deeper into what potential residents really want. It can also help them build the community they envisioned from the start. Developing a marketing persona may seem daunting, but there are businesses that can help establish them – and it’s been proven as a worthwhile investment by helping increase both site visit duration and marketing-generated revenue. Help your business hone in on its ideal patient persona, and make your vision a reality!

If you need help building your resident persona, give Bloom a call at 303-862-6530. We have helped communities across the nation build their Edna and strengthen their marketing to reach more people who are ready to become their next resident.