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Our clients pride themselves on offering an individual experience for each resident. As they compete against large corporate senior living organizations, they are well aware that service and trust are what will make them stand out in front of potential clients.

All of our clients are committed to the improvement of their community and industry.

Our clients are often deeply unsatisfied with the status quo. They are unique, and they seek a marketing solution that honors and celebrates that uniqueness.

Most of our clients invest 5-7% of total annual revenues into marketing. They see marketing as an investment in their communities, not an expense. They understand marketing, and they love the gratification of the success that marketing brings to their communities.

These are the types of communities that get the most out of Bloom’s marketing programs. To help our clients accomplish this, we offer targeted and customized marketing and advertising solutions that extend through every element of the senior living market.

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What makes one senior living community stand out from another? Why do some experience growth and a steady stream of residents while others struggle to meet occupancy goals? What’s the right marketing approach to take your senior living community to the next level?

Bloom has the answers.

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Our Clients Concerns

  • They want to know how to run the best community in town and be profitable
  • They want to invest in marketing rather than waste marketing dollars
  • They want to have a marketing expert in their corner rather than manage all of the marketing themselves with everything else on their plate
  • They are constantly fielding calls/visits/emails from marketing salespeople
  • They want to educate resident families on what’s different and better about their senior living community as opposed to others

Who We Serve

  • Life Plan Communities
  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Home Health
  • Hospice and more!

Take your marketing to the next level.

Increase new resident leads.

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Applewood Our House

Applewood Our House

Welcome home

The Argyle

The Argyle

Where Happiness Comes to Life

Snow Day II

Snow Day II

Icicle Paradise on Wynkoop

Snow Day III

Snow Day III

All Aboard the Polar Express

Snow Day IV

Snow Day IV

Under the Mistletoe

The good thing about working with Bloom has been they are process oriented. There were timelines, deadlines, and processes in place and it flowed beautifully, better than any organization I have ever worked with before.

We had a good website and a good online presence but we wanted to move it to excellent Not having any experience, we needed an outside expert to move us to the next level. Bloom developed a more user-friendly, intuitive website that better conveyed our message.

Alan WyngardenOwner, Applewood Our House

Our occupancies have stabilized at about 98% for several months now.

Debi Ross

Bloom designs marketing materials through strategy and with the goal of filling occupancies, not just creating something that looks good. They did an excellent job of understanding who we were trying to attract and designed to that demographic.

Randall Hartman

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