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Bloom recently spoke with Michael Mann, Chief Commercial Officer at Sagely, a digital health platform dedicated to keeping families and care providers connected. During our discussion, we had the opportunity to talk about where the senior living industry is headed, anticipated growth and learning opportunities.

As we began our conversation surrounding where the industry is headed, Mann stated, “The demographic shift is coming, and it is bigger than all of us. There is a huge opportunity for all of us to redefine aging in the United States, and we need to start having the conversation now.” As we see the larger players including Apple and Amazon enter the healthcare realm, technological innovation will continue to grow and set communities apart from one another. Amazon recently announced how their product, Alexa, could provide value in the home care arena and is even being piloted with Libertana Home Health. Earlier this year, McKnight’s Senior Living predicted technology will play a major role in the way we care for older adults including care management, enhanced care transitions, staff and resident engagement, documentation and the evolution of family care portals.

“The cost of healthcare is unsustainable and we need to look at the entire landscape. If we can provide a way to utilize value-based agreements there is no way varying levels of care shouldn’t be able to better align themselves,” says Mann. He also states there is a lot of opportunity for greater partnering and the ability to see better care delivery. “It will take strong leadership and a lot of disruption, but we can begin to redefine how the United States cares for older adults.” Technology will play a large role in this shift, along with setting clear expectations and goals throughout the industry. In regards to how best to address resident retention in the future, continued outreach is going to be important in the coming years for adult children who have moved their loved one into a community. Communication is vital well after the move-in date to continue to provide peace-of-mind to the family, as well as improve overall satisfaction and quality of life.

Sagely has a vision for a connected care experience. Sagely is currently utilized in over 400 communities and has allowed team members to spend more time engaging with residents and less time on paperwork. Sagely is a user-friendly solution for enrichment directors providing software for calendars and other publishing items, attendance tracking abilities for resident engagement and valuable insights through reporting. The app was created for families who want to be included in their loved one’s day and stay updated on activities with photos. Sagely’s newest program, Alakaʻi, is extending beyond the walls of the community. With Alakaʻi, older adults who are looking to remain independent or those at risk of isolation will have the support of Sagely’s outreach team to assist in reducing unnecessary visits to the doctor, assisting with ongoing health assessments and providing well-being solutions such as wearables and telehealth opportunities.

It is important to be open when expanding your knowledge base and being a lifelong learner. “I love how Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are avid readers, averaging five hours per day.” We are not all in the position to do this, but it is important to find avenues for growth when we can. LinkedIn is a great option for those looking for thought leadership and networking, as is reaching out for discovery calls with other industry leaders looking to transform the marketplace.

Sagely marries the power of software, data and the human element to empower care partners, elders and their families to improve elders’ well-being. To learn more, visit www.gosagely.com.