Bloom Is Now a Part of Big Buzz!

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Bloom is now a part of Big Buzz!

For the past 11 years, Big Buzz has been serving clients in the bioscience, specialty clinic and senior living sectors under three brand divisions: Viv, Big Buzz and Bloom.

All three brands have now merged under a singular brand: Big Buzz, which will continue to serve those in the bioscience, specialty clinic and senior living sectors with expert marketing research, consulting and strategy.

Big Buzz remains committed to:

Putting people before projects, allowing us to hear and act upon the urgent and important to quickly pivot and more readily produce results for our clients.
Continuing to focus on our strategic process in all marketing efforts, which has been proven time and again throughout our 10+ years serving the healthcare industry.

Keeping true north metrics at the forefront of all we do to drive results and ROI for our clients.
What sets Big Buzz apart is our agility – moving strategies more quickly and easily to market – both for our agency and for our clients. This brand consolidation will help strengthen our offerings, streamline communication, and provide the utmost expertise across the areas of bioscience, specialty clinics and senior living.

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