Best Practices for Effective Community Email Subject Lines

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The battle of email open-rates is never-ending and exhausting. It seems nearly impossible to deliver effective, efficient, and successful communication to our target audience with the mass amounts of emails everyone receives these days.

By following these five guidelines when creating email subject lines, you can maximize subscriber engagement and keep your community top-of-mind:

  1. Spice It Up: Keep content fresh and never repeat the same subject line. The reader needs to be able to tell something about the information in the campaign from the subject line, but not everything.
  2. The Shorter, The Better: On that note, leave some sense of mystery in the subject line so that the reader can open the email based on their intrinsic level of interest. Try to keep each subject line to 50 characters maximum.
  3. Ask A Question: Research indicates that subject lines phrased as questions have higher open and engagement rates than those phrased as statements.
  4. Reference Location: Instead of using the reader’s name in the subject line, which is nowadays much easier to automate and considered spam, connect with the reader by mentioning their location for personal relevance.
  5. A Sense of Urgency: It is human nature to complete tasks when there is a deadline or some sort of pressure felt. By urging readers to act in a timely matter, they will feel more compelled to do so.

There is no perfect science to email subject lines, but by deploying these five best practices, you can expect a higher open and click-thru-rate for your email campaigns. Execute A-B testing for different subject line models to see which works best for your specific target audience. And, like with any marketing tactic, never stop perfecting your technique.

Happy emailing!