Best Practices for Effective Email Subject Lines

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Email marketing is a growing trend, proving to be one of the most efficient, cost-effective and successful marketing tactics, especially in the senior living industry. Did you know that 35% of email recipients will open an email based on the subject line alone? If your marketing dollars are being allocated towards writing and sending emails to your database, they should be read. Even further, they should nurture potential residents and their family members down the funnel into your community.

The first step is getting the recipient to open the email. Follow these subject line tips to capture and keep their interest.

Short and sweet. As mobile usage increases, email subject lines will be cut off if they’re too long. 40% of emails are opened on a mobile device first, so email subject lines should be 50 characters or less.

Personalize. By personalizing the subject line with a name, location, or another personalized factor, the opportunity to build the relationship and establish rapport begins before the email is even opened.

Tell them what’s inside. Users are more likely to open emails with subject lines that are clear and direct so that they are aware of what’s waiting inside and how it will benefit them.

Timing is everything. The content of the email should dictate when it is sent out. Whether it be seasonal, in relation to a monthly or annual contract, or contains tips for senior care, be sure that the content of the email is relevant to the reader.

Use action verbs. An email subject line acts as a call-to-action. Successful subject lines will inspire people to click, call, or schedule a visit at your community. Subject lines that start with action verbs are more enticing, have a clear meaning, and will inspire action.

Experiment with a few different methods and watch how your open rates are impacted.