How to Appeal to a Potential Resident’s Family

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The secret to consistent move-ins and winning over potential residents is to appeal to their adult children and other family members. Clearly illustrating the value of your community and how this transition will benefit and improve their loved one’s quality of life is essential. Whether moving from their home of 50 years or transitioning through a continuum of care, change is difficult regardless of necessity.

First and foremost, determine what the motivating factor is for the transition. Ask open-ended questions and allow the potential resident or family member to verbalize their greatest needs. Take the time to dive deep into their concerns, why they are important, and how your community would meet their needs one-by-one to create the ideal solution.

Differentiate your community among the competition. Clearly state how your community is different from the rest, and how you would provide the highest quality of life, and ensure amazing care for their loved one. Setting yourself apart creates novelty and value, which are hard to pass up.

Tell your community’s story. Each community has a unique thumbprint, and within it lies your distinct values and beliefs. Your community and team positively impact the lives of your residents and their families, and that story should always be told.

Keep it simple (but not too simple). Again, residents and their family members are coming to you with very specific questions, needs, and requests. The touring process may have been planned, or you could be the fifth community they have visited today due to an immediate need. Meet them where they are.

The proof is in the pudding. Utilize the authentic stories that have come from your community to hammer it all home. The happiness of your current residents and their family members will align with what you’ve been sharing, and there will be no question.

You have all the pieces of the puzzle to appeal to potential residents’ families. It’s just a matter of effectively putting them together.

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