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Your potential residents are likely not searching on their own for senior housing. Their adult children are often the ones spearheading the search for independent living, assisted living, etc. for their parent. How are those adult children seeking out senior living housing options? The answer differs among age, location and demographic, but one thing is for sure: their usage of social media is on the rise. It is essential to know how adult children are interacting on social media in order to market to them effectively.

According to the Pew Research Center, Facebook is the most popular social media platform among adults. 72% of American adults between the age of 50 and 64 use Facebook to interact with peers, get new information, and research various products. What’s more, 76% of adult Facebook users login everyday.

It is important to remember that adults are not using Facebook like your 16-year-old niece. They are likely not posting too many photos, sharing status updates or playing games. Adult children are using social media to keep up-to-date on family happenings, to communicate with old friends and to read information and reviews on various products/places. Some will even connect with complete strangers who have a similar lifestyle through common interest groups. For example, two individuals might connect if they are both struggling to find a home for a parent. Even though these two have never met in person, they find solace in that each is going through a similar change.

What does this mean for you? Your social media platforms must be consistent, branded, and constantly updated. Make sure that your Facebook page provides relevant, informative information for your online following. Encourage those who have liked your page to share your posts to their own following. The more people that like your page, the more you can market to them, for free.

Encourage online reviews. Do you have residents and families who are already loyal to your community? Ask them to write you an online review on Facebook or Google Plus. These reviews not only show up on your social media pages, but also on the side bar of an organic Google search.

Active social media sites have also been known to boost SEO. Your social media pages will rank in online searches, and linking your website to your social media page will boost SEO as well.

Social media is still a growing marketing tactic and is possibilities are seemingly endless. Make sure to stay ahead of trends and keep your pages updated with posts about three times per week. If you need assistance, Bloom offers a social media training, as well as branded social media pages and social media support. Contact us today!