A Guide to Marketing Your Organization

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As the administrator of a senior care organization, you may be involved with all facets of the business: staffing, bookkeeping, accounting, IT support, and so much more. With all of that on your plate, marketing may not be a top priority. However, in order to attract new residents and fill vacancies, marketing is vital. If you are just starting to market your organization, here is a three-step guide on how to do just that.

Step 1:

The first step in marketing your organization is to conduct a SWOT analysis. A SWOT analysis identifies the following:

Strengths – Look at what makes your organization unique. What do you offer that your competitors don’t? List out everything you do better than the rest.

Weaknesses – When identifying your weaknesses, be honest with yourself. What could you be doing better? What’s hindering your success? Think about it from a resident’s perspective (services, amenities, dining options, access to care, etc.).

Opportunities – Look at the areas where you could grow and expand. Perhaps you’re now in a position to build an addition, offer new services or even expand to a second facility. Think of how these areas can help your organization grow.

Threats – When you look at threats, what can you anticipate or prepare for that may impact your organization? Is there a big operator opening a new location nearby? Is construction happening, making your facility difficult to locate? Are you experiencing heavy turnover? Be sure to look at both internal and external threats.

From this analysis, you will be able to determine where to focus your efforts in order to yield the most success long term. You can look at what you’re already doing well in terms of attracting new residents and keep doing that, and you can also look for areas of development to see where you might need to invest more to grow.

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Step 2:

Once you have finished the SWOT analysis, you will want to build out an ideal resident profile. Having an ideal resident profile will help you identify the types of residents you want to replicate and uncover how they found you, where they look for senior care resources, what would inspire them to make a referral, etc. Survey this list of ideal residents in your current organization to pinpoint the kinds of marketing they pay attention to, so you can invest your marketing dollars there.

Step 3:

After you have gone through the SWOT analysis and have created an ideal resident profile, it’s time to construct your marketing plan. Based on the research conducted in steps one and two, your marketing plan should unveil itself – you’ve answered the questions such as “What’s worked well in the past?” and “How are residents currently finding you?” Identify a handful of tactics with which to proceed and then measure results for three to six months to properly assess if your plan has worked. Do the heavy lifting up front and you’ll see your efforts pay off!

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