What To Look For In Your Ideal Marketing Partner

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When we begin talking with a new client, we often ask about their experiences with previous marketing providers. From that conversation, we get the good, the bad and the ugly. Over the past ten years serving the senior care industry, Bloom has identified three criteria that create an ideal partnership between client and marketing provider.

1. Strong Communication. No matter what kind of marketing plan is in place, if the proper communication isn’t there, neither are results. Communication in marketing is key as it often involves collaborative brainstorm sessions, gathering timely approvals on outgoing projects and reporting data both on the client side and from the agency. When looking for a new marketing partner, consider whether you or not you are willing to make the commitment of two-way communication. Openness, honesty and responsiveness are required for any marketing partnership to flourish.

2. Decisions grounded in data. It’s easy to come into a marketing relationship thinking you know what tactics are best, what message is the most powerful, what images will make the biggest impact. If you are looking for a true partnership though, the decisions both parties make should be grounded in data. That way, marketing isn’t left to opinion or decision-by-committee. Both parties can objectively look at what will truly move the meter and execute only those tactics. When seeking a new marketing provider, check to make sure they do research upfront to make these marketing decisions easier down the line.

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3. The belief that anything is possible. Marketing possibilities are endless. Where there is challenge, there is opportunity. Where there is breakdown, there is breakthrough. We invite our clients to ride the rollercoaster with us and trust that we will always come out on the other side of things. When situations arise, the most successful partnerships stay solution-oriented. They believe that anything is possible and seek to explore all options rather than calling it quits. It can be extremely valuable to stick with your marketing partner when the going gets tough as you can see first had that they are a true extension of your marketing team and by your side in the trenches.

As you seek a marketing partner for your organization, do the gut check (and the research) to make sure the relationship meets these three criteria. It will set both sides up for the ultimate success.