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  1. You Watch the World. You have an eye on the World Wide Web. You set up Google Alerts to get pinged any time your organization’s brand name, division brand names, providers, website address or other related information pops up on the web. When people are talking about you online, you are listening and actively responding with the ultimate professional decorum.
  2. You Invite Folks Back. You understand that a website visitor is at the top of the marketing funnel, and can be nurtured down the funnel and into the sales cycle with retargeting ads. Your web visitors may leave your site, but are coaxed back with your ads that appear on other sites they visit after yours, like Amazon.com or Facebook.com. You recapture their attention and serve up the right content to further engage them.
  3. You Attend the Party. As the book Social Media is a Cocktail Party articulates, social media is really just an open house happening for your organization. The only difference is that it’s happening online. (And it’s happening around the clock with much less effort on your team’s behalf.) The same rules of etiquette apply: LinkedIn is like the LeadingAge or Argentum annual session where you can hobnob with industry leaders, and Facebook is like an open house where you can connect with and build relationships with prospective leads.
  4. You Keep a Great Reputation. In today’s online-obsessed world, your prospective clients care more about your Yelp! star rating or your Google Reviews than the Five-Star Quality Rating System created by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. You regularly mine excellent reviews by training staff to ask happy clients to write them.
  5. You Broaden Your Horizons. While the rest of the world is only focused on Google rankings, you are ensuring your presence is easily found on Bing, too. Widening your SEO reach allows you to appear higher in the rankings for users who chose a different search engine from the rest.

Beyond all of this, you are sure about which online marketing tactics your organization is invested in this year because you have validated them with target market research.

You’re on your way now!