5 Free Tools to Help your Marketing Department

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Make the most of your online marketing strategy with these 5 free tools:


  1. Hotjar. If you want to experiment with heat mapping, Hotjar offers a free basic plan plus a free 15-day trial of Hotjar Business. Heat mapping allows you to visually understand how users interact with your website, allowing you to make adjustments based on real data. Heat mapping can help to optimize your website pages by putting the most critical information where most users spend their time.
  2. Siteliner. This website allows you to check for duplicate content and broken internal links – both critical pieces to ensuring your SEO is up to par. Evaluating these metrics on a routine basis, or at least at the start of your SEO journey, will allow you to track progress made on your website and make the most of your optimizations.
  3. Keywordtool.io. This online tool will provide you with suggestions for which long-tail keywords will be most beneficial for your services and target audience. Those keywords can then be utilized when creating new content for your website’s services pages, blogs, and more. BONUS TIP: Some tools work better when used together! You can use keywordtool.io with Google’s keyword planner to ensure your advertising and marketing efforts are being maximized.
  4. Google Analytics. This may seem like a no-brainer, but many organizations fail to install Google Analytics on their website. This severely limits the amount of data you can pull, limiting the amount of influence you have over website updates and optimizations. Analytics shows how many users visit your site, which pages they go to, how long they spend there, what pages they bounce from, and so much more. Using Google Analytics data, you can see where your website can be improved, which pages you should focus on, and how you can drive more conversions from online visits.
  5. Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a social media management tool that offers a free package for one user and three social profiles. If you are posting across various platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), Hootsuite is a great tool to use. It allows you to log into just one website and have the capability to post to different pages and schedule posts at different dates and times.

If you have questions about any of these tools or want to learn more about the 50+ marketing tactics Bloom offers, let’s chat!