The marketing services that Bloom delivers are expertly crafted for your senior living community and backed by research.

To start, Bloom surveys the people who matter most to your community: your residents and their families.

Bloom also interviews the owner and any other key stakeholders in the community. The purpose of this is to gather data on current perceptions of the community and to analyze marketing performance thus far.

From that data, Bloom then deploys Total Marketing or the Marketing Platform.

Each marketing tactic that Bloom delivers follows a process and is backed by research. That way, it’s easy to follow and easy to manage. For example, our community brand naming process follows a proven four-step system, and our websites are developed using a simple seven-step process. The same logic can be seen through all tactics implemented by Bloom.

Completing the Marketing Platform is strongly recommended before we begin the delivery of any of our marketing services. Starting with a solid foundation eliminates marketing guesswork, which can be time-consuming and expensive. It helps keep the focus on the most important matter: increasing occupancies at your community.

Take your marketing to the next level.

Increase new resident leads.

Grow your waitlist.

Applewood Our House

Applewood Our House

Welcome home

The Argyle

The Argyle

Where Happiness Comes to Life

Snow Day II

Snow Day II

Icicle Paradise on Wynkoop

Snow Day III

Snow Day III

All Aboard the Polar Express

Snow Day IV

Snow Day IV

Under the Mistletoe

The good thing about working with Bloom has been they are process oriented. There were timelines, deadlines, and processes in place and it flowed beautifully, better than any organization I have ever worked with before.

We had a good website and a good online presence but we wanted to move it to excellent Not having any experience, we needed an outside expert to move us to the next level. Bloom developed a more user-friendly, intuitive website that better conveyed our message.

Alan WyngardenOwner, Applewood Our House

Our occupancies have stabilized at about 98% for several months now.

Debi Ross

Bloom designs marketing materials through strategy and with the goal of filling occupancies, not just creating something that looks good. They did an excellent job of understanding who we were trying to attract and designed to that demographic.

Randall Hartman
February 21, 2018

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